Getting the help needed to get the loved one into effective treatment is always a challenge. It is especially difficult when the loved on is in either denial of the severity of their addiction or resistant to get into recovery. Getting that person into a residential treatment center to begin the process of recovery is the first step in the process. Many addicts do not want treatment as they see what they are doing as not needing to change, which puts everyone in the difficult position of either ignoring the substance abuse/dependence or to become co-dependent in the addiction. Perhaps you tried to help in the process of getting the loved one into some form of treatment and been met with compliance (or what seems like compliance) with little change in the substance use/abuse/dependence and been frustrated with the lack of outcome of change.

We at Wellspring Mind Body believe that the first best step is getting the addict a good starting point to recovery, and residential is that start. It does not matter how bad, or not so bad, that the family and friends think things have gotten. If it is bad enough to be seriously concerning then it is probably worse than you think. Addiction is a progress problem that looks different at various points along the continuum. Your loved one does not need to be homeless and hospitalized to be a risk. They can be employed and seemingly functioning and still be at risk of losing significant things in their life or be at risk of death. Overdose deaths occur all the time and only takes too much of a drug or the wrong type or combination of substances to result in disaster or fatality.

Do not wait until it is too late to attempt to get that loved one into treatment. It is never a guarantee that they will agree to take the first step and get into treatment, but the offer to go needs to be extended to them. We at Wellspring Mind Body take addiction treatment very seriously and want to help you get clients into treatment. Our approach is to work with the family closely to guide them through the complex and difficult process of treatment. When a family is in crisis they sometimes want to act and do so impulsively and without proper planning or understanding of how to go about getting them into treatment.

Our approach is to work through all of the process of treatment from understanding the addict and the family dynamics to the final admission process. We work with the family to educate and prepare them for the intervention, work with the clients insurance company to assure that all pre-admission requirements are taken care of prior to admission, and identify and work with the best treatment center for the addict. Wellspring Mind Body is not affiliated with any treatment center so we are impartial in our suggestions and seek to understand the history and needs of the addict in our suggestions and selection of a treatment center. We find what works best based primarily on the needs of the addict, taking into consideration personal history, drug of choice, treatment center philosophy and treatment approach, and client financial needs.

The success of residential treatment is dependent on successful treatment aftercare and so we at Wellspring Mind Body will also assist in working with the addict post rehab in adherence to aftercare planning for continuation of treatment upon discharge. This includes things like sober living housing, working with a therapist, joining group therapy, AA/NA step work, finding psychiatrist and medical professionals to work with, family support in their recovery among other things. Getting the addict into residential is only the first of many steps toward successful recovery not the last step. Residential treatment is not recovery and is not the cure so treat it as only one of a hundred steps along the way.

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